RC Logger RC EYE One Xtreme - Review

RCLogger has been working on developing a brushless mini quad-copter since early 2013. Hobbyist were asked to provide their input, thoughts and suggestions about what they would want in this forthcoming quad. Many hobbyist participated in the discussion and pre-orderd the RC EYE One Xtreme. The developers were collaborative and actively participated in these discussions and provided periodic updates to the RC community.

Inside the box
  • RC EYE One Xtreme
  • 2.4 GHz Transmitter, AAA Battery for Transmitter
  • 800 mAh LiPo Battery, USB LiPo Battery Charger
  • Set of propellers, Spinner, Spinner Washer
  • Trigger Cable, PPM Cable (for optional PPM receiver)
  • Operating instructions, Decals

First Impression
The product packaging is attractive and provides protection during shipping. Once you open the box - well built, professional grade, cool are the words that come to mind! The propellers are red & black in color, 138mm in length, but the airfoil is very unique (some may say, that it looks warped). The landing gear is a mix of black & red and are designed to help in flight orientation. The quad's brushless motors are about the size of a quarter.

The RTF package comes with a stock 2.4 ghz transmitter that is the size of a video-game remote controller (like an xbox controller). This runs on two AAA batteries that are provided in the package. The transmitter feels very light and fails to provide a decent grip. The control sticks are thick knobs which make precise flying/control a bit challenging.  UPDATE: After two months of owning the quad - I have grown accustomed to this transmitter.

Lipo & Charger
The quad came with a LiPo battery that has a very unique connector (or atleast, I have never seen one like this from any other vendor). This LiPo can be charged with a USB charger that needs to connected to a source that outputs 5V and atleast 2 Amps. Took me about 50 minutes to charge the battery after a 5 minute flight.The product manual suggests NOT to use your laptop/computer to charge, as such, I am using a wall USB charger that came with the iPad.

Flight Performance
  • Beginner Mode: Meant for flying indoor or in zero-wind conditions. I experienced stable flight and felt that the transmitter mellowed the control inputs. This mode would be ideal for the first-time quad flyer and also for experienced hobbyists who have never flown a brushless quad.
  • Sport Mode: This mode would be suitable for outdoor environment. The stock transmitter allows more control (in comparison to the beginner mode) and you can fly some sharp turns and figure 8s. The brushless motors have lot of power and the sport mode allows you to enjoy the raw power and maneuverability. In this mode, the quad can carry some payload (small camera) without being sluggish. 
  • Advanced Mode: I have not tried this mode as I am not comfortable using the stock transmitter to fly in this mode. I plan to use Lemon RX PPM receiver, but I am concerned that the Xtreme may act out-of-control (more about this later). UPDATE: I flew the Xtreme in the Advanced Mode with the Stock Transmitter. In my experience this mode makes the quadcopter very agile and fast machine.

Unboxing... literally !

First look after unboxing

Flight Footage 

I will post soon 
(you got to come back to check it out !)

On-board Video

Pros & Cons

+ Cool factor
+ Brushless motors - long life
+ LED navigation lights - orientation assistance
+ Price: Value for money
+ Payload capacity - 100 gms (possibly able to carry a GoPro or Mobius)
+ Possible candidate for a mini FPV platform
+ Altitude hold feature
+ Start-up safety feature - motor arming feature

- Battery connector - unique / proprietary
- LiPo charger - without a wall-charger
- Small transmitter 

There are 3 models that you can purchase, namely, ARFRTF, and Anylink for $109, $129 and $149 respectively (plus shipping)

Where to Buy
I purchased the Ready To Fly (RTF) model from one of the authorized distributors, RC-Drones for $130 shipped. I must mention, that RC-Drones answered my inquiry promptly and provided fast shipping (they are US based vendor). One can purchase the Xtreme directly from the manufacturer's website (RTF, ARF, OneLink Combo), or from this list of distributors.

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