How I got interested in the hobby

One day, I was bored at work and was watching a YouTube video of someone flying a Radio Control plane. So, I started thinking about building a RC plane. I read a few blogs (like this one), researched some free building plans, saw a dozen more videos, joined a few online hobby forums and decided to build a basic plane that would FLY.

Since I decided to build my own RC plane, I had been frantically looking for advice, guidance, websites, shops to procure the parts and electronics. I found that there is plenty of information out-there, but it is dispersed across the internet and secondly, there is a scarcity of local hobby shops catering to the amateur Radio Control modeler. So, I decided to write this blog - as a dairy of my experiences and as a resource to other RC enthusiasts. 

Please browse through the site, learn from my experience, download build plans (free), and share your thoughts & ideas with me and other hobbyists.