RC Pictures

Pictures of planes we flew or saw others fly ...
Back in 2008, we unsuccessfully flew/successfully crashed my Megatech Skyliner during one of our practice flights at a local part in Virginia. our plane was a 3-Ch brick with over 500gms of weight unevenly spread and ran on a geared 380 motor.

After we crashed our Megatech Skyliner, we did not want to invest in another RC plane. However, we still had a whole day to kill, so we bought this rocket from a local hobby shop. It was great fun shooting this bad-boy in the skies. This soared over 1000 meters and returned back with the help of a in-built parachute that deployed towards the end of its flight.

In November 2009, we flew a 3-channel IR controlled Chinese helicopter. This was an indoor model with 30 Feet range and used 2 miniature geared motors to control yaw & pitch movements of the aircraft. IR helicopters are comparatively easy to fly, but this particular piece was spinning all over the room. After 10 minutes of futile efforts we gave up. Nonetheless, we had fun!

The following  pictures were taken at Calcutta Maidan (Jan 2010). Some IIT students were test flying their planes for their aero-dynamics project. This plane seemed to have glider properties and was made of Balsa wood with the assistance of India Hobby Center - located in Russell Street, Calcutta. The Wings were quite large - about 4 feet in length and had decent amount of dihedral to make it stable.

The second picture is of the same glider-type plane being confused as a flying bird by the eagles... The plane was controlled by an employee from India Hobby Center. It was an amazing sight, but the owner seemed concerned !

In May 2010, I purchased this SYMA 3-Channel Infrared Helicopter from Fancy Market (Kidirpur, Calcutta) for Rs 900. It was nifty little toy that provided loads of entertainment. you require minimal skills for this co-axial Heli to fly indoors. However, the batter charging requires the Heli to be plugged in to the transmitter (no USB charging available for this unit).

Attended the Northern Virgina RC club Auction in March 2011. It was a lot of fun and got great deals - One gaser, One EDF Soarjet, and an E-Flite CX2 !