Product Reviews

Why review?

I have noticed that many a times reviews get into technical details and forget to share the flying experience and usability of the RC quad/plane/heli.  Based on multiple requests from readers on this blog,  I will now test and share my reviews for Radio Controlled planes. quadcopters, helis, cars, boats (all things RC). 

My reviews are my personal opinions from an average RC hobbyist's perspective. I will keep things simple - list of Positives and negatives, flight experience, HD pictures, flight videos and links to buy the item. I hope that reader will find it useful before making the purchase decision.


Quad Copters : What To Buy 

5 minute overview and recommendation from a Hobbyist covering three major categories, namely Micro, Mini and Full Size quadcopters. For full review - Click Here 

My Picks:
  • Micro SizeFor someone with no RC flight experience, I would suggest the Blade Nano QX (RTF) for its ease of use, durability and value for money. 
  • Mini Size: For someone with some RC flight experience, I would suggest the RC Logger RC Eye One Xtreme for its powerful brushless motor, ability to carry a samll camera and the value for money. 
  • Full Size: For someone with previous quad copter flight experience, enjoys technology gadgets and wants a stable platform for aerial photography - I would suggest the 350 QX.

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