Where to buy - RTF planes

So, you don't want to put countless hours scratch-building a plane that may or may-not fly. No problem, simply purchase a Almost Ready-To-Fly (ARF) or a Ready-To-Fly (RTF) plane and enjoy the hobby. Based on my research and experience, the following stores may be a good place to get your RC plane. and parts.

  • HeadsupRC.com - US based seller with good assortment of RC products. Fair prices with $2 shipping within the US. They have been known for fast delivery and have received positive reviews by hobbyist all across America.
  • HobbyPartz.com - Large assortment of RC spares (motor, servos, gyros, esc). But, they do not sell RTF /ARTF planes or Helis.
  • HobbyKing.com - HongKong based company with wide assortment of product. Real cheap pricing, but shipping takes 4-6 weeks and you may loose your package in transit. Also, your country may charge a customs duty/tax (10-30%) for RC products imported.
  • Ebay.com - Online marketplace that will provide lots and lots of RC products. If you do not have local hobby shops in your country, then definitely check out Ebay,  you can get some great deals on RC parts.